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Print Workshop: Hand-printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects

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This is a book for low budgets and high ambition. Read it and you will learn how to put images of things onto other things. You will start by rolling up your sleeves. Your shirt will be stained anyways. At some point, you will harness the power of the sun. Go ahead, look inside. You will see that you do not need a fancy studio to print a T-shirt or a picnic blanket. There is no specialised machine required to print anything you want in any room you want. A mural, a dartboard, a deck of cards, these are all possible. In a week or a month, you will wake up to find you know words like acetate and substrate. You will be comfortable talking about ink and shopping at military supply stores. Perhaps most important of all, you will be printing images of things onto other things.

Awdur: Christine Schmidt
Blwyddyn cyhoeddi: 2011
ISBN: 9780307586544
Rhwymiad: Clawr papur
Nifer o dudalennau: 176
Iaith: English

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