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A Companion Guide to the Welsh National Museum of Art

A Companion Guide to the Welsh National Museum of Art

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This book takes us through 400 years of art, from sixteenth-century Italian altarpieces through some of Europe's finest ceramics to modern-day installations of light. Featuring 150 works of art, the book intersperses iconic and much-loved works by Cézanne, Monet, Rodin and Renoir with the work of European masters including Canaletto, Turner and Picasso, and great Welsh artists like Josef Herman, Richard Wilson, Ceri Richards and Gwen John.

Along the way we also get a fresh new look at how art in Wales has evolved, from the eighteenth-century grand tour to the contemporary Welsh artists who regularly appear on today's world stage.

Each artwork is illustrated in dazzling, full-colour photography and accompanied by detailed information on the work and the artist. We also learn something of the patrons, collectors and benefactors who have, over the course of a hundred years, helped form an art collection whose astonishing depth, breadth and sheer quality is truly international.

Awdur: Ed. Oliver Fairclough
Blwyddyn cyhoeddi: 2011
ISBN: 9780720006131
Rhwymiad: Clawr papur
Nifer o dudalennau: 176
Iaith: English

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