Crystal System: Tetragonal
Status of Occurrence: Confirmed Occurrence
Distribution: Widespread
Chemical Composition: Zirconium silicate
Chemical Formula: ZrSiO4
Method(s) of Verification: all occurrences - polarizing microscope; U-Pb dated zircons - EMPA.

Chemical Group:

  • Silicates

Geological Context:

  • Sedimentary: allogenic (detrital)
  • Igneous
Introduction: a common mineral in igneous rocks, particularly intermediate and acid compositions (rhyolite, dacite, granite & granodiorite) and pegmatites. It is also a common detrital mineral in sedimentary rocks.
Occurrence in Wales: zircon is an accessory mineral, forming a very minor component of igneous rocks. No large crystal or gem occurrence is noted from Wales. Recorded examples are typically less than 1 mm in length and therefore can be identified only with the aid of a petrological microscope. In recent years zircon samples from igneous rocks have been dated using U-Pb isotopes to provide the age of crystallization of the original magma (e.g. Tucker & Pharaoh, 1991; Horák et al., 1996; Compston et al., 2002). Studies of detrital minerals from sediments across Wales included descriptions of zircons (e.g. Heard 1922; Heard & Davies, 1923; Boswell, 1927; Griffiths & Stuart, 1940).

Key Localities:

There are no key localities for this specimen.


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