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Casgliadau Celf Arlein

Amgueddfa Cymru

Y Ferch o Baris [La Parisienne]

RENOIR, Pierre-Auguste (1841 - 1919)

[delwedd: Y Ferch o Baris]

Dyddiad: 1874

Cyfrwng: olew ar gynfas

Maint: 163.2 x 108.3 cm

Derbyniwyd: 1952; Cymynrodd; Gwendoline Davies

Rhif Derbynoli: NMW A 2495

Casgliad: Casgliad y Chwiorydd Davies

Ym 1874 cynhwyswyd y darlun hwn yn yr Arddangosfa Argraffiadol gyntaf. Madame Henriette Henriot, a fu'n actio yn yr Odéon yn 1863-68, yw'r gwrthrych. Byddai Renoir yn aml yn ei defnyddio fel model. Drwy roi i'r darlun y teitl Y Ferch o Baris, mae'n awgrymu ei bod yn cynrychioli math o berson yn hytrach na pherson penodol. Meddai un o adolygwyr arddangosfa 1874: 'Prin y gellir gweld blaen ei hesgid uchel, sy'n ymwthio allan fel llygoden fach ddu. Mae ei het yn gwyro dros un glust ac mae'n fentrus o bowld...Ffug yw'r wân, ac mae'r wyneb yn gymysgedd o hen a phlentynnaidd. Ond mae yna rywbeth yn naîf ynddi. Cawn yr argraff fod y ferch yma'n ymdrechu'n galed i edrych yn barchus. Mae'r wisg, sydd wedi ei pheintio'n fendigedig, mewn glas o liw nefolaidd.' Arferai'r gwaith fod yng nghasgliad enwog Henri Rouart, a phrynwyd ef gan Gwendoline Davies ym 1913.

15 sylw

Gail Hamilton, 24 Medi 2014, 19:10

I was absolutely bowled over to see The Blue Lady when I was about 12. I was so amazed that there was no security and I stood in front of it and could have touched it. I am looking forward to taking my children and grandchildren to visit my old haunts in Cardiff next Easter and The Blue Lady will be top of our list.

Donna Henderson, 29 Mehefin 2014, 15:20

We are amazed at how this painting is the image of our 4 year old daughter Nadine, a few people have said it weird !!!!!

John, 22 Mehefin 2014, 20:08

Have been visiting the Blue Lady for 50 years. Never fails to take my breath away.

Winifred, 16 Mai 2014, 22:55

Whenever I visit the museum, I have to go and see this painting. It really blows me away every time I see it. I think it is very beautiful and has to be my favourite painting of all time.

Kathryn, 13 Chwefror 2014, 21:01

I grew up visiting the Museum with my father, and later loved to take my daughters there. We always paid the Parisian lady a visit. She feels like an old friend.

Maureen tadd, 24 Ionawr 2014, 11:15

I am fortunate being born in Cardiff and able to see this beautiful painting from a young child. I still see it often and it still has the ability to take my breath away .

Derek manning, 16 Awst 2013, 16:55

I visited the museum yesterday and could not believe what I saw. The Blue Lady is fantastic and dominates you with her beauty. I have seen her many times in my books of the impressionists but to see her in the flesh, so to speak, literally takes your breath away. The whole museum is fantastic

Gwendolyn, 14 Mehefin 2013, 21:15

I have always loved this picture from the moment I saw it as a young child and visited the picture. Now I a 44 year old I look forward just looking thinking about what she went through life to get to where she was at point in life when the picture was being done. The texture of the art, the ability to inspire life fashion and humanity in one picture is amazing. I live in Wales I feel so lucky to have this picture on my door step. I feel the blue lady helps me focus my brain from the busy life I lead. My husband likes to see this lady and says that she is the other lady in his life besides me. We have the blue lady poster in our house

Eve, 19 Awst 2012, 17:47

I absolutely love this beautiful painting!

Also amazing thing about it: wherever you go in the room the lady's eyes follow you!

Michael Rees, 23 Ebrill 2012, 20:13

Whilst a young boy , my father left me to wander the museum while he went to a meeting. I climbed the stairs and entered the gallery and turned to my left and there she was, I was spellbound there was the girl from the postage stamp !I was 11 years old and an avid stamp collector . There was an assistant and I asked "Is it the real one ? " He smiled and nodded . I stayed there all afternoon , staring at the girl from the postage stamp !

Frank H Jolliffe, 6 Medi 2010, 10:18

I hope that this painting commands the staircase where I was spellbound many years ago by what to me is the centrepiece of your wonderful collection

Ellis Terrell,jr. (U.S.A.), 15 Ionawr 2010, 09:26

This work is awesome and typical, for an Impressionist painter of the genre time period. Renoir was a well-acclaimed Impressionist painter, that painted from his heart. He knew his subjects well, their interest, mood, and willingness, to sit during an artist session. The Impressionist painters; painted as if they were given still-cameras, to create their individual works of art. I can only imagine what the actual blue color, would look like, if this was taken with a camera.

ffion, 26 Hydref 2009, 09:24

this picture is very nice . The artist must of liked blue because in most of his pictures blue is in it.
Mae llun hon yn neis iawn . Y arlinwidd yn hoffi las achos maen wewn rhan fwy o ei lluniau.Gan ffion . 10 blwydd oed

jodie , 26 Hydref 2009, 09:24

there is a lot of blue in this picturs

Ronni, 14 Ebrill 2009, 08:56

i love this painting! its so cool! i went to see it on Thursday at the musiem! it was awsome...

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