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Oriel 1

Medi 2010

Edrych ar Adeiladau

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 29 Medi 2010

Dyma lluniau o'r modelau o sessiwn Edrych ar Adeiladau gan plant o ysgol Rhiwmawr. Mae nhw'n hyfryd!

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 9 Medi 2010


Postiwyd gan Mari Gordon ar 3 Medi 2010

The Keepsakes exhibition opens on 11 September so we are busy getting the gallery ready. So far the walls have been freshly painted and we are waiting for the delivery of our lovely information panels.

The exhibition is in collaboration with Women's Arts Association (for some of the background have a look at my previous keepsakes blog!) who employed artists Becky Adams and Prue Thimbleby to work with community groups in and around Cardiff. The groups looked at objects from the collections in St Fagans: National History Museum and made their own art works inspired by what they saw.

We will be showing the women’s art work alongside the museum’s objects, and here’s a sneak preview of some of the objects that the women have made.