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Oriel 1

Chwefror 2010

1950s designs

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 25 Chwefror 2010

The half term workshops looked at pattern and design from the 1950s (which tied in with the current Italians in Wales exhibition). We looked at numerous examples of design from Italy (such as Bruno Munari) and other famous designers such as Lucienne Day as well as clothing and fabrics from our collection.

Taking these patterns as inspriation everyone created fantastic artwork using collage and print (potato prints, monoprints and stencils) and some of the pictures that were made are shown below.

More pictures to come!

Creative art workshop

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 19 Chwefror 2010

We've been making amazing prints and collages throughout the week. I'll put up all the rest of the work next monday and tuesday! Thank you to everyone who came to the workshops and I hope you enjoyed them!

Italian Memories in Wales

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 8 Chwefror 2010

Italian Memories in Wales, Our new exhibition in Oriel 1, St Fagans:National History Museum opened on Saturday January 30 and will run until May. It's a lovely exhibition so please come and visit!

As part of the exhibition we have been collecting feedback about people's thoughts on the exhibtion as well as their stories of leaving a country. Here are some that we have had so far:

Tina and Angela Minoli wrote:

'My father Giuseppo Minoli came to the Welsh valleys from Brugnoli in the Bardi region of Emilia-Romagna when he was 5 years old in 1914.'

Paulo Nuzzo wrote:

'My father left Italy in 1956 to work in the steel works of S.Wales - lovely to see what he had to go through to stay in S.Wales.'

Paulo also commented on the exhibition, saying it was: 'Very interesting and moving.'

Roberto Pastore wrote:

'My mother and father left Italy in the early 70s after getting married. They came to the UK and had my brother and me, and found work as a boutique owner and hairdresser, respectively.'

He also commented on the exhibition: 'Some beautiful images and such distinctive expressions + faces of Italy.'

Angelina Cooper wrote:

'My Grandmother and mother left Bardi 59 years ago - we visited Bardi for the first time in Sept 09. Fantastic!!'

If you would like to comment on the exhibtion please do so below or fill in one of the postcards in Oriel 1.