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Medi 2009

Lluniau o'r Gert Gelf!

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 22 Medi 2009

Diwrnod Gweithgareddau Arddangosfa Pop Peth

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 22 Medi 2009

Mae lansiad swyddogol yr arddangosfa Pop Peth ddydd Sadwrn yma (26 o Fedi), gyda gweithgareddau amrywiol sydd ar agor i bawb.

Rhwng 11.00 a 1.00 a 2.00 tan 4.00 fydd cyfle i ymwelwyr gynllunio Ffansin gyda'r curaduron gwadd Leusa Fflur a Lowri Johnston neu ddysgu sut i 'Sleeveface(io)' gyda Grace Todd. Am 1.00 mae'r curadur gwadd Gari Melville yn cynnal sgwrs ar yr arddangosfa ac am 2.00 fydd sgwrs a pherfformiad gan y grwp gwerin/jazz Burum. Wedyn am 3.00 allwch fwynhau set gan y curaduron gwadd Llwybr Llaethog

Mae Mynediad i'r parti am 3.30 drwy wahoddiad yn unig.

Amen Corner's....

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 22 Medi 2009

Malcolm Davies left a message in the Pop Peth exhibition saying 'I was the tenor sax player in Amen Corner's first line up, sept 1966 to May 1967.'

Malcolm! We need to know more!

More music

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 18 Medi 2009

Loads more visitors to the Pop Peth exhibition in Oriel 1, St Fagans:National History Museum have been telling us about their best gigs. A couple of people said that Arcade Fire has been their best gig, with Stefano saying that it was the 'closest I've come to a religious experience.'

Sara went to see Cool and the Gang in Cardiff in the 1970s, and Carys recently enjoyed Yr C Ffactor. Branwen loved Big Leaves in the Eisteddfod in Dinbych as well as Bon Iver at this years Green Man Festival.

Steven has written a long list of best gigs which includes Manic Street Preachers, Bob Dylan and Evan Dando who played 'cross legged at our feet to 20 people' in 1995.

Gareth has been to over 500 gigs and festivals, but it all started in 1999 when he went to see Stereophonics at Morfa Stadium. Les went to see Bob Dylan play in the Capitol in Cardiff in 1966 where the first half was acoustic and the second half was electric (i'd like to hear more about this... was anyone else there? did you boo?)

Please add comments or email me with your best gigs, or anything you've seen recently that was good - last week I went to see Efterklang... they were fantastic and had nice mustaches

There will be an official opening for the Pop Peth exhibition on Saturday the 26th of September, I'll add details about it soon!

Autumn adventure

Postiwyd gan Gareth Bonello ar 17 Medi 2009
Horse chestnut leaves
Mesen ar goeden dderwen
Mesen Ffawydd
Cnau gastan melys
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Firstly, apologies for my extended absence from these pages. I don’t have an excuse other than the summer activities kept me very busy this year! However, I find myself in a bit of a calm period at the moment so I thought I’d update you on what’s coming up over the next few months.

The autumn is fast approaching and the evidence is all around St Fagans. A quick walk about the site reveals bursts of bright red berries on hawthorn bushes and rowan trees and delicate highlights of yellow and orange edging into the green leaves of the beech woodland. A walk in the woods is accompanied by the steady sound of beech mast dropping with the breeze. The horse chestnuts have already begun to fall too, and the acorns and sweet chestnuts look like they won’t be long to follow.

In October activities will focus on this season of change. For Seed Gathering Sunday we will be looking at the variety of tactics trees use to disperse their seed during an enjoyable walk about the grounds.

On October the 24th there’s a real treat in store as the Ty Gwyrdd kitchen will be in action for the first time in years to demonstrate some traditional apple recipes.

The apple theme continues in the Ty Gwyrdd on the 25th of October where you can take part in Feed the Birds Day with the RSPB, and learn how to use apples to make great bird feeders.

During October half term we will be running Autumn Feast activities looking at traditional foods grown in the autumn as well as the wild food that grows in our woods, fields and hedges.

And right at the end of November I will be running activities alongside the RSPB that look at ways of telling trees apart and the importance of trees for wildlife. If that appeals to you why not join us on the 5th of December when we'll be working with the BBC to try and break the world record for the most amount of trees planted in one hour!

So I hope to see you at an event this autumn, and in the meantime get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

Magpie on the Clock Tower?!

Postiwyd gan Sarah Lewis ar 4 Medi 2009

Another succesfful seaon of peregrine watching has drawn to a close.  Our sadness at the failure of the eggs has been some-what made up for by the excellent views of the adults we have been getting.  The birds have been having a lovely relaxed time of it, preening and dozing on the clock tower.  Both birds look very well fed and in good health, which means that they should be in excellent condition for next breeding season-fingers crossed!

It has been very quiet on the clocktower with little action to report.  However, one day in the final week of the project we had a visit from a very cheeky magpie, who investigated the peregrine nest right under the noses (or should that be ceres!) of both peregrines!  Fortunately for Mr Magpie, neither peregerine noticed him, lost in their own vanity they were too busy preening!  What makes it worse was the fact that the RSPB had just finished explaing that peregrines are one of nature's great predators-thanks guys, made us look like right mugs! 

All that remains is for me to thank you for your interest in this project.  We have met so many enthusiastic people and have heard some fantastic wildlife stories.  Please keep watching those birds!  Hope to see you all next year!

Peregrines on the Clock Tower Team

  • Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd

    Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd

    Cewch ddarganfod celf, daeareg a hanes natur. Gyda rhaglen newidiol o arddangosfeydd a digwyddiadau, mae rhywbeth i syfrdanu pawb, beth bynnag sy'n mynd â'ch bryd — ac mae mynediad am ddim!

  • Sain Ffagan Amgueddfa Werin Cymru

    Sain Ffagan

    Sain Ffagan yw un o brif amgueddfeydd awyr agored Ewrop, ac atyniad ymwelwyr mwyaf poblogaidd Cymru.

  • Big Pit Amgueddfa Lofaol Cymru

    Big Pit

    Pwll glo go iawn yw'r Pwll Mawr, ac un o amgueddfeydd mwyngloddio gorau Prydain.

  • Amgueddfa Wlân Cymru

    Amgueddfa Wlân Cymru

    Mae Amgueddfa Wlân Cymru, sydd yn hen ffatri wlân y Cambrian Mills, yn lle arbennig ac mae ganddi stori gyfareddol i'w hadrodd.

  • Amgueddfa Lleng Rufeinig Cymru

    Amgueddfa Lleng Rufeinig Cymru

    Yn OC75, sefydlodd y Rhufeiniaid caer yng Nghaerllion a fyddai'n gwarchod yr ardal am dros 200 o flynyddoedd. Heddiw, yn Amgueddfa Lleng Rufeinig Cymru yng Nghaerllion, byddwch yn dysgu pam yr oedd byddin y Rhufeiniaid cymaint i'w hofni.

  • Amgueddfa Lechi Cymru

    Amgueddfa Lechi Cymru

    Mae'r Amgueddfa Lechi'n cynnig diwrnod llawn mwynhad ac addysg mewn ardal ddramatig o brydferth ar lan Llyn Padarn.

  • Amgueddfa Genedlaethol y Glannau

    Amgueddfa Genedlaethol y Glannau

    Mae Amgueddfa Genedlaethol y Glannau yn adrodd hanes diwydiant ac arloesi yng Nghymru, heddiw a thros y 300 mlynedd diwethaf.

  • Rhagor: Archwilio'r Casgliadau

    Gwefan newydd cyffrous yw 'Rhagor' lle cewch ddysgu rhagor am ein casgliadau hynod.