Amgueddfa Cymru


On Saturday 10th October, scientists from the Museum’s Natural Sciences Department and Cardiff University came together to mark both National Biology Week and Earth Science Week, and to prove that biology (and geology) does indeed rock!  Engaging displays and fun activities filled the Main Hall and were also scattered through the lower natural history galleries and Clore Learning Space.  Visitors collected a stamping sheet at the door and could claim a stamp for every activity they completed.  Everyone who collected ten stamps had the chance to colour in and make their own natural history badge to take home.  Museum scientists wowed visitors with specimens from our collections behind the scenes, including the largest seeds in the world, glow-in-the-dark minerals and huge scarab beetles.  Visitors could also explore sea creatures and seaweeds in a rock pool, and have a go at matching fossils to their correct place on a timeline of the Earth’s history.  Fans of the game ‘Operation’ had the opportunity to try their hand with an actual size, adult dummy version, courtesy of biologists from Cardiff University, who also presented a range of other fascinating topics, including what we can learn from road kill, how healthy babies are made, how toadstools get their white spots and how to extract DNA from strawberries.  Appropriately enough, the University’s team of geologists set up shop at the entrance to the Evolution of Wales gallery, and invited visitors to experiment with what makes an explosive volcano, try to bend rocks and have a go at stepping in the footsteps of dinosaurs.  The day also featured several family-friendly events linked to the ‘Reading the Rocks: the remarkable maps of William Smith’ exhibitionTheatr na nÓg gave three performances of a one-man play exploring Smith’s work from the point of view of his young Welsh apprentice, and scientific historian Dr Leucha Veneer gave a family talk looking at early ideas about rocks and fossils.

Helo Cyfeillion Gwanwyn,

Dim ond wythnos i fynd cyn diwrnod plannu ar 20 Hydref! Ydych chi'n barod? Dyma rai adnoddau defnyddiol i'ch paratoi ar gyfer plannu eich bylbiau ac am ofalu amdanynt yn ystod y misoedd nesaf! Mae'r rhain hefyd ar safle we Bylbiau'r Gwanwyn i Ysgolion:

Cyn y diwrnod plannu dylech ddarllen y dogfennau hyn:

• Llythyr oddi wrth Athro'r Ardd (cyflwyniad i'r prosiect)

• Mabwysiadu eich Bwlb (trosolwg o’r gofal fydd angen ar eich Bylbiau)

• Plannu eich bylbiau (canllawiau ar gyfer sicrhau arbrawf teg)

A chwblhawyd y gweithgareddau hyn:

• Tystysgrif Mabwysiadu Bylbiau

• Creu Labelai Bylbiau

Mae'n bwysig eich bod yn darllen y rhain oherwydd maent yn cynnwys gwybodaeth bwysig! Er enghraifft, ydych chi'n gwybod pa mor ddwfn mae angen i chi blannu eich bylbiau? Neu sut i labelu fel mae’n glir lle mae'r Cennin Pedr a Chrocws wedi eu plannu?

Cofiwch dynnu lluniau o'ch diwrnod plannu i gystadlu yn y Gystadleuaeth Ffotograffydd Diwrnod Plannu!

Pob lwc! Gadewch i ni wybod sut mae'n mynd!

Athro'r Ardd a Bwlb Bychan

Chalkie Davies: Ei Stamp ar yr NME

Mae'r arddangosfa wedi dod i ben ac felly mae'n amser datgan pwy sydd wedi ennill ein cystadleuaeth! Roedd yn wych gweld bod cymaint o bobol wedi ymweld a chreu gwaith wedi'i ysbrydoli gan y sioe.

Mae'r dyn ei hun wedi cael cyfle i feirniadu'r ceisiadau a rydym yn falch iawn o allu rhannu enwau'r enillwyr efo chi!

Gwobr Gyntaf:

@3gsdevtrust - Da iawn! Mae print Chalkie wedi'i lofnodi a bag rhoddion ar ei ffordd i Ymddiriedaeth Ddatblygu 3Gs, sy'n gweithio gyda phobl ifanc yn ardal Gurnos, Penydarren and Dowlais. 

Ail Wobr:

@fezzer64 - rhannodd y llun o'r rebel hapus hwn ac mae'n ennill taleb Recordiau Spillers a bag rhoddion:

Trydydd Wobr:


Bydd taleb Seetickets ar ei ffordd i Aaron am ein lun gwyrdroedig a thywyll, a dynnwyd ym Mharc Cathays.

Dewisodd Chalkie 5 llun oedd hefyd yn haeddu cymeradwyaeth, felly bydd bag rhoddion yn y post i David Jones, @tflathers, @daniellestalbot, paulhurlow a @softfun - cewch weld eu lluniau, a llawer mwy, ar storify #fyllunchalkie.

Diolch yn Fawr

Diolch i bawb a gymerodd ran - cymerwch olwg ar yr holl ffotograffau yn ein storify #fyllunchalkie. Os na gawsoch chi gyfle i weld y sioe, cewch gip ar waith eiconig Chalkie yn y fideo isod:

The Natural Sciences Department at National Museum Cardiff have once again taken their 'I Spy...Nature' Pop-up museum to the Capitol Shopping Centre in Cardiff during this year's summer holidays. 

Our younger visitors were encouraged to utilise their drawing skills to draw some of the fantastic specimens from Amgueddfa Cymru Collections on display as part of a drawing competition. Examples were fossils, minerals, marine creatures, flowers and bugs from all around the world. We had some fantastic entries and it was extremely difficult to pick the winners. However, after much deliberation we eventually managed to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in three age categories (under 6, 6-9 and 10-13 years). Due to the fact that it was so hard to choose winners we also selected a couple of highly commended drawings.

Each winner will receive a natural history inspired prize from the Museum's shop and will receive a special behind the scenes tour of the museum to find out what museum scientists do and where we house the museum's natural history collections, which comprise of over 3 million specimens.

We very much look forward to welcoming our prize-winners and their families to the museum.