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Rhagfyr 2013

A Child's Christmas in Wales - Family Christmas Holiday Workshops at National Museum, Cardiff

Postiwyd gan Grace Todd ar 17 Rhagfyr 2013

Inspired by the amazing Peter Blake exhibition 'Llareggub' (Peter Blake illustrates Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas) we are going to be enjoying extracts from Dylan Thomas' 'A Child's Christmas in Wales' in the Clore Discovery Centre and making lovely bags to store our own festive treasures.

As can be seen from the photograph of our prepartations the activity will involve lots of ribbon, shiny bells, the wonderful words of Dylan Thomas and a chance for you to share your favourite Christmas memories.


Nadolig Llawen / Happy Christmas



Un wythnos gofnodi tan y Nadolig!

Postiwyd gan Danielle Cowell ar 10 Rhagfyr 2013

Nadolig Llawen - Gyfeillion Bylbiau!

Ni allaf gredu mai dyma'r wythnos gyfnodi olaf yn 2013! Llongyfarchiadau am gadw cofnodion tywydd dros y chwe wythnos diwethaf! Nid oes angen i chi gadw mwy o gofnodion yn awr tan yr wythnos gyntaf yn Ionawr, 2014. Gallwch adael eich bylbiau yn yr ysgol dros y Nadolig ac ymlacio tan y flwyddyn newydd. Yr wyf yn gobeithio y byddwch yn cael Nadolig gwych ar ôl gweithio mor galed y tymor hwn!

Rydym wedi cael tywydd ofnadwy yr wythnos hon, felly yr wyf yn gobeithio nad oedd ddifrod storm neu lifogydd yn eich ardal leol chi. Mae'r tywydd wedi achosi rhai problemau ofnadwy i bobl ar draws y DU - gweler y tywydd mewn lluniau http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/feeds/25232374

Dywedodd Ysgol Gynradd Manor (Swydd Rydychen): Rydym yn drist iawn i ddweud bod yr holl potiau wedi chwythu drosodd. Tybed beth yr hoffech i ni ei wneud? Prof.P: Gyda'r tywydd ddiweddar, rwy'n siŵr bod llawer o'r potiau wedi chwythu drosodd ac angen ail-potio. Peidiwch â phoeni bydd eich bylbiau yn iawn os ydynt yn cael eu lleoli yn ddiogel yn ôl i'w potiau.
Os gwelwch yn dda ddod o hyd i fy atebion i'ch sylwadau isod.

Nadolig Llawen oddi wrth yr Athro'r Ardd a Bwlb Bychan!

Eich cwestiynau:

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Leyland: Dear Professor Plant. On Tuesday and Friday this week, we think our temperature was so high because the sun was shining right on our thermometer. It felt so much colder - our teacher’s car thermometer showed 3 degrees. Next week, we are going to move our thermometer to a different place where the sun will not shine directly onto it. Love from Mrs Thompson's Year 1 Class. Prof:P: You've done the right thing here, it's important that thermometers are not placed in direct sunlight or they will show higher temperatures.

Raglan VC Primary: Rainfall on Mon included the weekend rainfall. A crocus bulb was starting to shoot (20/11/13), we covered it with a handful of compost. Prof.P: This is a good idea to keep the bulb warm but as long as the crocus bulb was planted 10cm beneath the soil then you shouldn't need to cover over any shoots in future.

Ysgol Bro Eirwg: Cwestiwn oddi wrth Rhys: Pam mae angen dwr ar y bylbiau? Athro'r Ardd:Ond angen rhoi dŵr i eich bylbiau os yw'r pridd yn y potiau yn mynd yn sych i gyffwrdd. Ar yr adeg hon o'r flwyddyn dylai fod digon o ddŵr o'r glaw. Mae bylbiau yn amsugno ddŵr drwy eu gwreiddiau. Mae'r dŵr yn helpu'r planhigyn i tyfu eginau a pharatoi i flodeuo yn y gwanwyn.

Manor Road Primary School (Lancashire): It's been a blustery but fairly dry week here in Lancashire. Our bulb labels have suffered in the winds but hopefully the bulbs will be snug in their pots! Prof.P: Sorry your labels are ruined but glad your bulbs are safe :-)

Burscough Bridge Methodist School: Tuesday there was a small layering of snow. Prof.P: How exciting! Also bulbs need cold weather to trigger their growth at this time of year - so all good for the bulbs.

Ysgol Rhys Prichard: Tuesday rainfall fell as sleet. Thursday was the first real frost this winter. Prof.P: Again, this is great for the bulbs to trigger their growth.

Arkholme CE Primary School: There are some difficulties on a Monday morning because sometimes it might have rained over the weekend. Prof.P: Don't worry Arkholme - we expect all the schools taking part to have a higher reading on a Monday so this is not a problem.

Greyfriars RC Primary School: hi our bulbs are doing fine and the leaves on the trees in the school garden have fallen. The Scots Pine still has its needles. From Airlie and Athen. Prof.P: Yes the Scots pine is one of our few native plants to remain green in the winter. Can you think of anymore? These plants are often mentioned in carols.

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School: The weather is very varied each day; sunshine, cloud, breeze. On Sunday night it froze hard so even though the temperature was high in the sunshine, the compost in the pots was frozen. Prof.P: this is good for the bulbs at this time of year it tells them that it is winter now and that spring is on its way in a few months.

St. Ignatius Primary School: Again the bulbs have been vandalised over the weekend. The pots have been moved or tipped over. Our janitor is out at the moment trying to fix them and get everything back to normal. We are very upset and disappointed by this but we will continue to look after our plants as best we can. Prof.P: Very sorry to hear that this has happened again but delighted to hear that you are determined to continue. Is there anywhere else in the school that is safer to keep them?

Glyncollen Primary School: We are getting really good at recording our weather data. This week has been very cold. We hope the bulbs are warm in the earth. Prof.P: Don't worry the bulbs will be fine - they like it cold at this time of year. Glad to hear that you are getting good at keeping your weather records it's a very useful skill that you are learning.

Raglan VC Primary: 10% of pots are showing growth of bulbs. Prof.P: I like how you are reporting this. Good use of numeracy!

Burscough Bridge Methodist School: Thursday night seen the area hit by storms. Prof.P: Glad the school is safe.

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School: A terrible storm on Tuesday night which continued with a wet and windy Wednesday. The pots keep filling up with leaves as fast as we can clear them but no need to water yet. The children are enjoying looking at the scales on the rain gauge and thermometer and comparing them to the rulers we are using in maths. Prof.P: Great to hear you are enjoying comparing this will make you super at science. Don’t worry about the leaves too much the bulbs will find their way through the leaves without any problems.