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Mawrth 2013

Our Museum One Year On

Postiwyd gan Loveday Williams ar 28 Mawrth 2013

As we near the end of Year 1 of Our Museum I thought it would be a good time to make up for lost postings.

It’s been an interesting and innovative year at St Fagans, not least due to the impact and effects of Our Museum on the way we do things. I’ve not been around for the whole journey, having only joined the Museum in August, but I’ve picked up a lot of what went before and haven’t stopped learning since day one. I now feel fully immersed in all things Our Museum and very at home at St Fagans and within National Museum Wales.

Our Engagement Team for Our Museum, made up of nine Community Partners, several Museum staff members and four Museum Trustees, has become a very strong and robust group where trust, knowledge and laughs are shared openly.

We have spent a lot of time working on the project journal, through using different media such as on line communication via Teamwork PM, filming and photographing meetings and events, taking part in active reflection sessions and workshops during meetings and developing our self evaluation tool for the project.

"Despite positive experiences of dealing with St Fagans and volunteers via my organisation Quest, I admit I was a little cynical when I first heard about the nature of the project. This was mainly, I think, because of my impressions over the years of being a visitor. I love St Fagans, but as a visitor I always felt that it was a place apart from me and the way I live. I couldn't give you concrete examples of why I felt like this, perhaps it was because I never saw myself reflected in the staff I met on my way around. Oddly, I felt a sense of relief when I joined the community partners because I discovered that it wasn't only me that felt like that! And more than this, that the organisation recognised it as well and wanted to change it. This, more than anything, has already made me feel that St Fagans is more open to the local community."

Extract from Teamwork posted 08.10.12 by Community Partner Quest Supported Employment

We are looking forward to moving into Year 2 with lots of plans for future work. The building of Bryn Eryr, the new Celtic Village at St Fagans, based on the Iron Age site in Anglesey, is due to start in May. This will be a community focused project and will involve many volunteers. To prepare for this project and future developments at St Fagans we have introduce a staff training programme with the support of our Community Partners, focusing on key areas of working with and supporting people, such as Language, Communication and Working with ESOL Learners and Mental Health Awareness. The training has been very popular with staff and individual departments have requested it be rolled out further. We look forward to developing more training opportunities for Museum staff and Community Partners in Year 2.

So all in all it’s been a good year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Our Museum and working at St Fagans. It is a wonderful environment to work in and the exciting developments that are happening at the moment make for a very exciting few years in which Our Museum will have a large role to play.



Da iawn gyfeillion y gwanwyn!

Postiwyd gan Catalena Angele ar 26 Mawrth 2013
Mae fy nghrocysau wedi blodeuo o'r diwedd ac mae fy nghennin Pedr wedi agor!
Cennin Pedr Athro'r Ardd
Crocws Athro'r Ardd

Da iawn bawb sydd wedi anfon cofnodion blodau a thywydd yr wythnos hon!

Gan fod y planhigion mor hwyr yn blodeuo eleni, rydyn ni’n ymestyn y dyddiad cau ar gyfer Cofnodion Blodau tan ddydd Gwener 19 Ebrill. Gobeithio y bydd eich planhigion wedi cael cyfle i dyfu erbyn hynny!

Mae’r dyddiad cau ar gyfer Cofnodion Tywydd yr un peth, sef diwedd yr wythnos yma. Cofiwch eu hanfon erbyn dydd Gwener 29 Mawrth. A chofiwch anfon eich lluniau ar gyfer y gystadleuaeth tynnu lluniau erbyn dydd Gwener 29 Mawrth hefyd!

Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd am eich gwaith caled yn fy helpu i gyda’r ymchwiliad pwysig yma! Bydd pawb a anfonodd gofnodion yn derbyn Tystysgrif Gwyddonydd Gwych a phensil Gwyddonydd Gwych! Bydd yr ysgol sydd wedi anfon y mwyaf o wybodaeth Bylbiau’r Gwanwyn hefyd yn ennill taith gweithgaredd natur!

Byddaf yn cyhoeddi’r enillydd ar 22 Ebrill, a bydd y rhai fydd yn ail a thrydydd yn cael gwobrau hefyd. Byddaf yn anfon tystysgrifau a phensiliau i ysgolion ar 6 Mai ac yn anfon canlyniadau Ymchwiliad Bylbiau’r Gwanwyn erbyn diwedd mis Mai.

Os na fydd eich blodau wedi agor erbyn y dyddiad cau, nodwch hynny ar y ffurflen cofnodi Blodau a’i hanfon ataf. Gallwch fynd â’ch planhigion adre gyda chi dros y gwyliau os hoffech chi, neu gadw llygad arnynt yn yr ysgol. Bob blwyddyn, fydd rhai o’n bylbiau ni ddim yn agor. Peidiwch â theimlo’n rhy drist os fydd hyn yn digwydd i chi achos mae’n dal i fod yn rhan bwysig iawn o’r wybodaeth wyddonol, a byddwch chi’n dal i gael tystysgrif a phensil!

Blodau pwy sydd wedi agor yr wythnos yma?

Mae blodauHywel Da Primary School, Ysgol Gynradd Talybont, Coed-y-Lan Primary, Darran Park Primary¸St Joseph's Primary School (Penarth) ac Henllys CIW Primary yng Nghymru, a Ysgol Gynradd Stanford in the Vale, Archbishop Hutton's Primary School, St. Mary's RC Primary School (Lancashire) ac St Nicholas Primary School yn Lloegr wedi agor! Llongyfarchiadau a diolch am anfon eich cofnodion.

Wyddoch chi hyn?

  • Dyw eira ddim yn anarferol ym mis Mawrth nac Ebrill. Mewn gwirionedd, mae’n fwy tebygol o fwrw eira adeg y Pasg nag yw hi adeg y Nadolig!

Derek y dyn tywydd wnaeth ddweud hyn wrtha i! Mae Derek yn dweud y bydd hi’n oer yr wythnos yma gyda gwyntoedd dwyreiniol ond mae’n bosibl y bydd ychydig yn fwynach erbyn dydd Gwener y Groglith.

Hoffech chi fynd am dro i chwilio am flodau gwyllt y gwanwyn? Beth am fynd i wefan Coed Cadw i weld faint o bethau gwych y gwanwyn allwch chi sylwi arnynt – gan gynnwys cynffonnau ?yn bach, coed yn eu blodau, cân y gwcw a gwenyn.

Your questions, my answers:

Tynewater Primary School: We've had quite a lot of snow this which is still lying although beginning to melt. Our bulbs are barely showing through the earth - even the ones in the pots. We are on holiday for the next two weeks and if the bulbs are not showing any progress we will move them where they get a bit more sun than they do at the moment. Sorry again that we are irregular with our data. We are still keeping the information. Prof P: Thanks for the fantastic update TynewaterSchool, I hope that the new flower record deadline will give your flowers a little more time to grow.

Glyncollen Primary School: Nearly all our daffodils are open. Our crocuses have also opened. We still don't know what our mystery bulbs are. We hope we don't get any snow! Prof P: Wonderful news! I bet they look beautiful!

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: A mixture of cold winds, rain and a hopeful spring day, which turned to rain! Stanford Gardening Club. Prof P: Great weather reporting Stanford in the Vale!

Newport Primary School: It snowed at the beginning of this week and was really cold especially in the morning. The wind was very chilly. By the end of the week it warmed up a wee bit. Prof P: You are very dedicated scientists to keep sending your weather reports when it’s so cold and snowy - well done Newport Primary.I hope you all have nice warm coats on when you go outside to record the weather!

Oakfield Primary School: What do you think about this week’s rainfall? Prof P: We had a lot of rain on Friday in Cardiff, didn’t we Oakfield? My rain gauge was quite full too.

Greyfriars RC Primary School: crocuses are starting to grow. Prof P: I am very glad, please keep sending in your records Greyfriars, you are doing a great job.

Newburgh Primary School: Our first crocus has flowered! We recorded this at the end of the day on Friday so we'll send details on Monday. Prof P: Hooray! And thank you for sending your crocus record – you can see it on the map. If you zoom in and click on the flower it will say the name of your school!

St Joseph's Primary School (Penarth): With only a week to go before the end of term, we are very keen for our bulbs to flower. We are keeping an extremely close eye on our pots and are ready to photograph the bulbs at the first sign of a flower! Prof P: Fingers crossed for you St Joseph’s. Please do send me your photos, even if your flowers open after the deadline.

Diolch yn fawr

Athro’r Ardd

Wythnos i fynd...

Postiwyd gan Catalena Angele ar 21 Mawrth 2013
Canlyniadau crocysau 2013 — Dim ond deg ysgol sydd wedi gweld blodau crocws hyd yn hyn eleni.
Canlyniadau crocysau 2012 — Edrychwch faint o grocysau oedd wedi blodeuo erbyn hyn y llynedd!
Athro'r Ardd

Dim ond wythnos o gofnodi sydd ar ôl tan ddiwedd Project Bylbiau’r Gwanwyn! Wythnos yn unig tan ddyddiad cau anfon eich cofnodion ata i!

Ble wnaeth y planhigion flodeuo’r wythnos hon?

Yn Lloegr, Ysgol Gynradd RAF Benson oedd y cyntaf i anfon cofnodion am flodau! Yn yr Alban, mae blodau gan Ysgol Gynradd Newburgh ac yng Nghymru, mae blodau i'w gweld yn Ysgol Iau Hen Golwyn, Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru Magwyr, Ysgol Bodafon, Ysgol Gynradd Rogiet ac Ysgol Gynradd Oakfield. Da iawn chi a diolch am anfon eich canlyniadau.

Yw’ch planhigion chi’n blodeuo? O’u cymharu â’r llynedd, mae’n blodau ni’n hwyr iawn yn agor!

Erbyn yr amser hyn y llynedd, roedd crocysau wedi blodeuo mewn 27 ysgol, ond dim ond deg ysgol sydd wedi cofnodi bod eu crocysau wedi agor hyd yn hyn eleni.

Erbyn yr amser hyn y llynedd, roedd 26 ysgol wedi anfon eu cofnodion Cennin Pedr, ond dim ond pedair ysgol sydd wedi gweld cennin Pedr yn blodeuo hyd yn hyn eleni.

Beth yw’r rheswm dros hyn? Dyma nifer ohonoch chi’n sôn am y tywydd oer a’r eira ym mis Chwefror, ac mae eich cofnodion tywydd yn dangos nad näed oes llawer o law wedi disgyn yn ddiweddar. Pan fyddwch chi i gyd wedi anfon eich cofnodion tywydd, bydda i’n edrych am gliwiau i esbonio pam fod y blodau mor hwyr...

Mae Gwyddonwyr Tywydd yn y Swyddfa Dywydd yn dweud bod tymheredd cyfartalog yn y DU dros y gaeaf wedi bod yn ‘fwyn’ eleni – doedd y gaeaf eleni ddim mor oer a gaeafau eraill. Maen nhw hefyd yn dweud bod y DU wedi gweld llai o law nag arfer yn Ionawr a Chwefror. Ys gwn i os yw eich cofnodion tywydd chi yn dangos yr un peth?

Ffeithiau Diddorol:

  • Yr enw am astudio’r tywydd yn wyddonol yw Meteoroleg a’r enw am wyddonwyr tywydd yw Meteorolegwyr!
  • Pryd mae’r gwanwyn yn dechrau? Pan fydd Meteorolegwyr yn cofnodi’r tywydd byddan nhw’n dweud bod y gwanwyn yn dechrau ar 1 Mawrth ac yn gorffen ar 31 Mai. Ond mae llawer o bobl yn dweud bod y gwanwyn yn dechrau ar gyhydnos y gwanwyn ar 20 Mawrth – yr wythnos hon!

Hoffech chi wneud Ymchwiliad Gwyddonol Gwych gyda’ch planhigion? Rydw i wedi meddwl am arbrofion arbenig y gallwch chi roi cynnig arnyn nhw yn yr ysgol! Allwch chi dwyllo eich crocws? All eich cennin Pedr symud? Cliciwch y ddolen i weld mwy: Syniadau ymchwil Athro’r Ardd.

Eich cwestiynau, fy atebion:

Ysgol Nant Y Coed: Some pupils have 6 crocuses in one bulb. Prof P: Gosh that is unusual!

St Mary's Catholic Primary School: Our flowers are being very shy and staying out of sight! Prof P: That’s very sweet! Hopefully they will feel a bit braver soon and show their faces!

Greyfriars RC Primary School: We are having fun are you? Prof P: I am so glad! Yes I am having fun with my bulbs too, thanks for asking!

Newport Primary School: Weather just got colder this week. Crocus bulbs are through but there are none flowering just now. Prof P: Good work Newport Primary, flowering is very late indeed this year.

St Joseph's Primary School (Penarth): We are disappointed that our bulbs have not flowered yet but we can see that some of them are growing well and are nearly ready to flower. Hopefully we will have some interesting pictures to send you next week. Prof P: I hope so too St Joseph’s! I would love to see your pictures.

Gladestry C.I.W. School: went to Cardiff on a school trip on thurs Prof P: I hope you had fun in Cardiff.

Glyncollen Primary School: Our daffodils and crocuses have opened. We will send you photos this week. Prof P: Hooray! I look forward to seeing your photos.

Coppull Parish Primary School: Sorry for not doing the weather on Monday. Prof P: That’s okay Coppull Parish, thanks for letting me know and keep up the good work.

Bwlchgwyn C P School: we have 30 shoots. Prof P: That’s great news!

Thorneyholme RC Primary School: Hi p.p on Friday we got 220mm of rain. Prof P: That really is a lot of rain!

Ysgol Porth Y Felin: To p.p we didn't have a record on thursday because of a school trip, and we’ve started measuring the tallest plant which is now 21.5cm tall. Prof P: Did you have fun on your school trip? Good measuring Ysgol Porth Y Felin.

Diolch yn fawr

Athro’r Ardd

Bron ar Ben!

Postiwyd gan Catalena Angele ar 7 Mawrth 2013
Tystysgrif Gwyddonydd Gwych — Fyddwch chi'n cael un gyda'ch enw arni?
Phensel Gwyddonydd Gwych
Athro'r Ardd yn cofnodi'r tywydd gyda Phensel Gwyddonydd Gwych!

Helo blantos y bylbiau,

Cofiwch bod angen i chi anfon pob adroddiad tywydd a chofnod blodau ata i erbyn ddydd Gwener 29 Mawrth. Dim ond tair wythnos sydd ar ôl i chi anfon eich data!

Peidiwch poeni os nad yw’r planhigion wedi blodeuo eto, mae tair wythnos yn amser hir. Mae canlyniadau’r blynyddoedd diwethaf yn awgrymu bydd y rhan fwyaf o’r blodau wedi agor erbyn diwedd Mawrth.

Bydd pob disgybl yn yr ysgolion fydd yn anfon eu cofnodion yn derbyn Tystysgrif Gwyddonydd Gwych fel yr un yn y llun! Ond bydd pawb yn derbyn gwobr arbennig arall eleni – pensel Gwyddonydd Gwych i gofnodi canlyniadau eich arbrofion, felly cofiwch anfon eich cofnodion!

Ble wnaeth y planhigion flodeuo’r wythnos hon?

Dangosodd blog yr wythnos diwethaf taw Ysgol Nant Y Coed oedd y cyntaf yng Nghymru i gofnodi bod eu blodau wedi agor, a’r wythnos hon mae mwy o blant yr ysgol wedi anfon cofnodion blodeuo! Mae blodau Ysgol Nant Y Coed yn tyfu’n dda iawn. Ys gwn i os welodd Llandudno lawer mwy o haul na gweddill Cymru?

Mae Greyfriars RC Primary School yn St Andrews, yr Alban wedi cofnodi hefyd bod y crocysau yn blodeuo ac mae Ysgol Iau Aberdaugleddau yn Sir Benfro wedi cofnodi bod crocysau a chennin Pedr wedi blodeuo! Da iawn i’r ddwyn ysgol.

Pan fydd y cennin Pedr yn blodeuo, cofiwch fynd ati i dynnu llun! Gallwch chi anfon eich lluniau ata i a chymryd rhan yn yGystadleuaeth Darlunio Cennin Pedr. Bydda i’n chwilio am ddarluniau prydferth, ond mae’n rhaid labelu darnau’r blodyn yn glir hefyd. Gallwch chi weld esiamplau gwych o enillwyr y blynyddoedd diwethaf yma.

Eich cwestiynau, fy atebion:

Rhydypenau Primary School: We had rain over the weekend, that is why our gauge was full. Prof P: Thank you for the explanation Rhydypenau, that's really helpful!

Ysgol Nant Y Coed: Some of the crocus bulbs have flowered so we're sending that information now too. Prof P: Fantastic news! Thanks for your flowering records.

SS Philip and James Primary School: We really enjoyed doing it and remembered to do it every day, we hope that we can do it again soon. Phil+Jim bulb team aka Isaac and William. Prof P: I am so pleased that you are enjoying it so much – I love recording the weather too!

Henllys CIW Primary: still no flowers. Prof P: It's exciting to see your flowers open, but your report that they have not opened is very valuable scientific information too! It could tell us a lot about how cold it has been this winter or how much sunshine we have had.

St Joseph's Primary School (Penarth): We have noticed that our plants continue to grow but we are keeping a very close eye on them to see which one will flower first - we can't wait! Prof P: I feel the same every morning when I look at my plants too.

Greyfriars RC Primary School: 11 daffodils are in bud. A's crocus is the only one growing but all the other daffodils but A's, why is A's daffodil not growing? Prof P: This is a very good question! I’m sorry that your daffodil is not growing A, you haven’t done anything wrong! I am glad your crocus is growing instead. Sadly we do have a small number of bulbs every year that do not grow, it happened to some of mine last year. The reason it happens is unclear. When a daffodil doesn't make a flower gardeners say that the plant has gone 'blind' - as it has no flower head.

Ysgol Porth Y Felin: we had our holidays on the 11 - 15 week so we'll skip a week. everythings ok there hasn't been much rain and the temperature has been a little high!
from porth y felin. Prof P: Many thanks!

Kilmaron Special School: The school was on holiday on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday we had very heavy snow and although the rain gauge only had 3mm in it there was almost 6cm of snow by 2pm. The gauge is in quite a sheltered place as we had problems with a pupil seeking it out and emptying it. Prof P: Good idea to move your rain gauge to keep it safe.

Glyncollen Primary School: We hope our flowers open this week as well. Prof P: Fingers crossed!

Kilmaron Special School: Still no signs of our crocus bulbs although the ones planted years ago in our other raised beds are blooming and the ones in the grass next to our raised bed are almost out. Prof P: Keep watching them Kilmaron!

Diolch yn fawr

Athro’r Ardd

Cofnodion blodau 1af yr Alban a Chymru!

Postiwyd gan Catalena Angele ar 5 Mawrth 2013
Mae'r blagur ar y crocws yn dechrau troi'n borffor – efallai bydd yn agor yn fuan.
Rydw i'n gallu gweld y blagur ar y genhinen Bedr ond mae'n dal yn wyrdd.

Llongyfarchiadau i Tulliallan Primary School am anfon cofnodion blodau Bylbiau’r Gwanwyn cyntaf y flwyddyn! Dim ond un diwrnod oedd rhwng dyddiadau blodeuo’r crocysau a’r cennin Pedr, gyda’r crocysau yn blodeuo ar 17 Ionawr a’r cennin Pedr cyntaf yn blodeuo ar 18 Ionawr.

Gan fod yr Alban ymhellach i’r Gogledd na Chymru a Lloegr byddan nhw fel arfer yn cael gaeafau oerach a mwy o eira. Mae hyn yn golygu y bydd planhigion fel arfer yn blodeuo’n hwyrach. Llynedd agorodd y blodau yn gynt yng Nghymru a Lloegr, felly mae’n dipyn o syndod bod y blodau cyntaf eleni wedi ymddangos yn yr Alban! Dyma un o’r pethau gwych am fod yn wyddonydd – gall canlyniadau arbrofion yn aml ein synnu ni!

Yr ail ysgol i anfon eu cofnodion blodau ata i oedd Ysgol Nant Y Coed yn Llandudno. Agorodd crocysau tri o’r plant ar yr un diwrnod, 1 Mawrth. Dyma’r cofnodion cyntaf yng Nghymru, a hynny ar Ddydd G?yl Dewi! Da iawn Ysgol Nant Y Coed!

Ys gwn i ble fydd y blodau nesaf yn agor?

Pan fydd eich blodau chi’n agor, cofiwch anfon eich data ata i. Gallwch chi weld ar y map ble mae’r blodau wedi agor yn barod.


  1. Gall pob disgybl yn y dosbarth anfon eu cofnodion blodau. Mae’r holl ddata fyddwn ni’n ei dderbyn yn cael ei ddefnyddio i ganfod dyddiad blodeuo cyfartalog pob ysgol. Gwyliwch y siart crocysau a’r siart cennin Pedr i weld y tablau yn newid wrth i fwy o ddata gyrraedd. Mae’n bwysig ofnadwy bod pob disgybl yn anfon eu cofnodion, fel bod y wefan yn gallu cyfrifo dyddiad blodeuo cyfartalog yr ysgol.
  2. Bydd y cennin Pedr yn troi ei ben i lawr ychydig cyn blodeuo. Fydd y blodyn ddim wedyn yn llenwi â d?r ar ôl agor.

Byddwn i wrth fy modd yn gweld lluniau o’ch blodau chi hefyd. Gofynnwch i’ch athro e-bostio unrhyw ffotograffau ata i!

Dyw fy mhlanhigion i yma yng Nghaerdydd heb flodeuo eto. Mae’r blagur ar un o’r crocysau yn dechrau troi’n borffor, felly efallai eu bod nhw ar y ffordd. Mae blagur ar y cennin Pedr hefyd ond mae nhw dal yn wyrdd.

Eich cwestiynau, fy atebion:

St Nicholas Primary School rain gauge stolen. Prof P: Sorry to hear that St Nicholas Primary. I have put a new one into the post for you, I hope it arrives soon.

Ysgol Y Ffridd Glawiad Dydd Llun yn llawn ers y gwyliau. Athro'r Ardd: Mae'n rhaid ei bod hi wedi bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn yn yr ysgol dros y gwyliau! Diolch am roi gwybod i fi.

Milford Haven Junior School Temp in playground was much colder because of the wind chill factor. Prof P: Brrrr! I hope you were all wrapped up warm when you went outside to play.

Ysgol Porth Y Felin to pp we have a problem with one of the plants. It has creamy browny little things in the pot that look like mini shell pastas. We don't know what they are. ysgol porth y felin. Prof P: Gosh, they sound curious. I wonder if they could be the brownish leaves that protect the plant just before the shoots start to grow? Maybe you could take a photo and ask your teacher to send it to me? I might know what they are if I saw them!

Ysgol Nant Y Coed We have buds on the crocus and daffodils now but none of them have opened yet. The mystery bulb has grown the biggest! Prof P: That’s great news! Keep an eye on them and let me know as soon as they open.

Darran Park Primary Mystery plant has grown quite well the rest of the bulbs are slowly growing. Prof P: Thanks for your plant update Darran Park Primary.

Glyncollen Primary School Many thanks for our new rain gauge. You also sent us a new thermometer but on a slip of paper in the box it said St. Mary's. We were wondering if it was meant for us or should we send it back to you? Can you please let us know. The leaves on our flowers are growing well. Bye for now - Yr.4 Prof P: Oops! I sent out two rain gauges on the same day and things must have got mixed up. Sorry Glyncollen. I have emailed your teacher about the thermometer – thanks for letting me know about the mix up.

Greyfriars RC Primary School Dear Professor Plant, we are a bit confused because only one crocus is flowering and only one daffodil is flowering. Prof P: Congratulations Greyfriars School! You are now the second Scottish School to have flowers! You now need to enter you flower data on to the website to make it OFFICIAL! Remember: You can enter flower data as soon the very first flower opens. You record the date it opened and the height of the tallest part of your plant. Then as each new flower opens you can enter its data on the website too – you don’t have to wait until they are all open. Plants grow at different rates – some grow quickly, some take longer to grow - just like children! I am sure your other flowers will 'catch up' soon.

Diolch yn fawr

Athro’r Ardd