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Chwefror 2011

Half term art cart

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 18 Chwefror 2011

Art Cart starts tomorrow and the theme is love....

We will be looking at lovespoons, stay busks and tie on pockets and the kinds of symbols and patterns that are found on them. I have lots of A4 sheets for decorating and colouring, but i have also made four really large lovespoons that I need some fantastic art work for. Below is a picture of the sad white lovespoons - please help!!

Dathlu Hanner Tymor Pluog

Postiwyd gan Gareth Bonello ar 14 Chwefror 2011
Titw Las ffoto BTO/Christine.M.Matthews
Nyth Drudwy ffoto BTO/Hugh Insley
Gwybedog Brith ffoto BTO/Mark.R.Taylor
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Mae hi'n National Nest Box Week yr wythnos hon ac mae hi'n Hanner Tymor yr wythnos nesaf felly 'da ni wedi penderfynu cyfuno'r ddau i gael gweithgareddau ar them adar yn y T? Gwyrdd dros y penwythnos yma ac o ddydd Llun i ddydd Gwener yr wythnos nesaf. Mi fyddwn yn gwneud bwytai a bocsys nythu i'r adar ac mi fydd yna becyn gwybodaeth am ddim i'ch helpu i ddenu adar i'ch gardd.

Mae'r gwanwyn ar y ffordd felly mae'n amser codi'r bocsys nythu cyn i'r tymor cenhedlu ddechrau. Mae'r gwanwyn a'r haf yn gyfnod hynod o frysur i'r adar wrth iddynt geisio ffeindio digon o fwyd i'r holl gywion yn ogystal i â nhw eu hunain. Dwi'n siwr y byddant yn ddiolchgar iawn am unrhyw gymorth gennym ni!

Blodyn cyntaf

Postiwyd gan Danielle Cowell ar 11 Chwefror 2011
Fy nghrocws 1af - 11/02/11
Cennin Pedr - 20cm o uchder nawr - 11/02/11.
Dail gwyrdd ffres!

Mae fy nghrocws cyntaf wedi cyrraedd! Does dim ysgolion wedi son am rai eto, ond dwi’n disgwyl y bydd llawer o adroddiadau’n cyrraedd yr wythnos yma.

Cyn hir, bydd llawer o flodau yn ymddangos ar y map – yna gallwch chi weld yn union ble mae’r blodau yn agor gyntaf.

Cofiwch, mae blodau crocws yn agor tua chanol y bore, ac yn cau erbyn diwedd y dydd. Lawrlwythwch fy syniadau ymchwilio i brofi’r theori gyda’ch blodau crocws chi.

Peidiwch â cholli’ch blodau! Os na fydd eich crocws wedi agor erbyn diwedd yr wythnos, ewch â’ch pot adre gyda chi dros wyliau’r hanner tymor. Yna, gallwch chi fwynhau eich blodau a dangos i’r teulu beth rydych chi wedi bod yn ei dyfu.

Dydw i ddim wedi derbyn unrhyw gwestiynau’r wythnos hon, ond rydw i wedi cael adroddiadau o flagur gan Ysgol Gynradd Gatholig y Santes Fair ac Ysgol Gynradd Gatholig Sant Joseff.

Anfonwch luniau o’ch dosbarth chi a’ch blodau ata i!

Athro’r Ardd

Spring shoots!

Postiwyd gan Danielle Cowell ar 4 Chwefror 2011
Daffodil shoots
Tree bud
crocus shoots
Tree buds
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Slowly, more and more schools are reporting shoot sightings! Cwm Glas Primary near Swansea have reported a few more shoots but still no sign at St. Mary's Catholic Primary School in Flint.

My daffodils are about 10cms tall now and my crocus have just popped through the soil. Even my mystery bulb is starting to grow and there are buds opening on my garden trees. A true sign that spring is coming!

Take a look at the pictures so you can be sure what bulbs you have growing. Send me some pictures of your shoots or how you collect your weather.

Watch your crocus very carefully now because once they start grow they can flower very quickly. As soon as they flower, send in your record so we can see on the map where the bulbs are opening first.

Competitions. Don't for get we have two fantastic competitions this year. The Daffodil Drawing Competition and the Win a trip competition. I've already recieved some very nice drawings from Bishops Childs Church in Wales School. I look forward to seeing some more from other schools soon...

Weather wise it's been very windy for most of us - so please check that your pots haven't fallen over.

Professor Plant


Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 3 Chwefror 2011

After being inspired by our Quilting Club (next meeting is March 5th), I have been doing quite a lot of sewing. Over Christmas I got out the sewing machine and made about 8 bags, but mainly I've been concentrating on my quilt (see picture above). I've never quilted before (or sewn much really), so am learning as I go, and have been loving it.

This foray into sewing has meant that I've been spending lots of money on material and equipment and reading lots of books and articles. One of my favourite things I've found out is that on February 8th it's Hari-Kuyo festival in Japan. This festival gives people the chance to thank and appreciate the needles they have used in the past year by sticking them in to a big block of tofu! As one of the monks from the temple said in the article I read on the reuters website 'Sometimes there are painful things and secrets that women can't tell men, and they put these secrets into the pins and ask the gods to get rid of them.'

It made me wonder if there are any pins and needles or sewing customs in Wales (and the rest of the UK), does anyone know of any? In Oriel 1 we do have a charm bottle on display which has bent pins in it which is meant to protect the owner of the bottle from witchcraft, and of course, pins would be used with a voodoo doll or a poppet...

I had a look in Steve Roud's book 'The Penguin guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland', and whereas there wasn't much about needles (other than if a needle breaks when you are sewing it will bring good fortune to the wearer of the article sewn) there are quite a few customs to do with pins. Pins used in the making of wedding dress are particularly lucky, you could also stick them into an onion as part of a love divination, but you shouldn't take pins on board a ship.

And back to quilting, and patchwork quilts in particular... 'If a lady completes one of these without assistance, she will never be married.'

Looking at Buildings

Postiwyd gan Sian Lile-Pastore ar 3 Chwefror 2011

Pupils from Raglan VC Primary School took part in my Looking at Buildings session on Monday. Here are some pictures of just a few of the houses they made. I didn't get a chance to take photographs of all the buildings so if anyone at Raglan VC Primary School is reading this, please email me some more as everyone's building was looking so fantastic!